JMH Designs

Logo design: JMH Designs

This project somes from an Interior Designer who is branching out and creating her own business. The logo had to be sophisticated and a little bit serious, but it also had to show the creativity that she brings to the table. So whithout further ado I present the JMH Designs logo. Check back for the website design a little bit later...

What I did: Logo Design, Brand Design

Website Design: Stay Focused Magazine

This little project is a new magazine from FOCUSED Plans, LLC. An interesting little project that I tacked onto FOCUSED Plans site that is already in use. I tried to create something that had the same look and warm design features, but also made it look more Web 2.0. So, go check out the magazine! And, Deanna, keep on publishing...

What I did: Website Design, Graphics Creation, XHTML + CSS, PayPal Infusion

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Stay Focused Magazine

Sugarbaby Events

Website Redesign: Sugarbaby Events

Once upon a time, there was an event planner like no other. Now this event planner wanted to put on a show, a jazz festival (see work below). She worked hard a marketing and planning and building out this jazz festival, while her own site just sat there looking old and dated. So, that's when she asked for a newer, bolder site that would turn heads. So, the new and improved Sugarbaby Events site was designed and built. Now, hopefully, she will be able to plan more events to her heart's content.

What I did: Website Re-Design, XHTML + CSS + JQuery

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Website Design: Endangered Recipes

A very talented friend of mine at work wrote a great cookbook called Endangered Recipes some time ago. The original site was in bad need of a re-design. So, me and Lari Robling (the book's author) designed a new and improved version with an updated look. I hope it captures the spirit and essence of the book as something both fun and vintage.

What I did: Website Re-Design, Graphics Creation, XHTML + CSS

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Endangered Recipes

Chester County Jazz Festival

Website Edits: Chester County Jazz Festival

Another friend of mine named Anita just started her own PR Company called Sugarbaby Events. She's already off producing a big-time event for Chester County. Now, Anita wanted me to design the site from scratch, but, at the time me and my wife were in China having a wonderful vacation. So, Anita setup a general Wordpress blog system. When I got back I started helping out by cleaning up the design a bit, and making feel a little more unique. I'm proud to say it definitely has some charm to it... just like the festival.

What I did: Website Edits, Graphics Creation, XHTML + CSS, Site Design

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Brand Design: MamaOwl Photography

My cousin Audrey is an amazing photographer. Actually amazing might be an understatement, I'm not sure if there is a word to describe what she does with her camera. Anyway, last year I got married to the BEST PERSON EVAH! And I wanted Audrey to take our wedding photos. She said yes, and she said she would do it for free if..... I made her a cool website for all her rockin' photos. No problem with me Audrey. So, we got started on developing a logo and style for Audrey and her budding business MamaOwl Photography.

What I did: Webdesign, XHTML + CSS, Brand Design, Logo Design

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MamaOwl Photography


Website Design: Fit

Full disclosure. I work for WHYY, and have worked for them for a while. So, yes I like NPR and sometimes PBS (Sherlock is where it's at), and a lot of my portfolio work actually comes from just working there. This is WHYY's Fit. Your one-stop shop for healthy food stories, recipes, webchats, and advice (Kitchen Wisdom). At first, I didn't think this project would have that much opportunity for being creative. But, once we got going I found that I really enjoyed it. I built the site using a Wordpress MU database that we had installed. So the whole site is in php, Wordpress php. Pretty muh all the graphics for the site and the design were created by me. Some of the pictures come from other sources, and some of the pictures I took myself. We wanted Fit to represent good food. Good food is simple, good food is colorful, and good food is, well, good for you. I hope the Fit site represents all of those things. There is really no good way for mer to decribe everything I've done on Fit, you'll just have to go there and poke around yourself.

What I did: Webdesign, XHTML + CSS + PHP, Graphics, Video, Social Media

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Website Design: Ghost Pepper

A while ago, a friend at work said her friend was dating a guy that wanted to quit his full-time job and sell the world's hottest pepper to the masses. But, he needed a website first. My inital thought was, "I must meet this man." And meet we did, and develop a cool website we did. I didn't have the pleasure of working on any of the graphic design work for Ghost Pepper but I did design the layout and functionality of the site. You may be asking yourself right now, "well, did he quit his job and sell the world's hottest pepper?" Yes. Yes he did. And he also makes some really good spicy watermlon candy using that same pepper. Sounds wierd? Sure. Tastes good? Absolutely.

What I did: Webdesign, XHTML + CSS, Online Store

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Ghost Pepper

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